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Mistral Kids Party


Mistral Kids Party

We ‘grownups’ sure know how to party.
And in all kinds of ways. Hard, light, during the day or throughout the night; We always find ways to have fun with our teammates. Basically, we’re not a tough crowd and we entertain easily.

But then there are OUR KIDS. Mistral juniors. Preparing a party for them was a real project, to say the least. Especially because it was our first one. Over 50 little ones (age 0-13) were our guests of honor yesterday. We truly wanted to give them a party to remember and see as many smiles on their faces as possible.

Lucky for us, we overprepared;

We had carefully picked out gifts for different age groups in custom designed Mistral bags, tons of sweets, over 100 balloons, Lego sponge baby corner, cartoons, music, special guests Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and a visit from Santa (a.k.a. Kerim, our colleague). The juniors were thrilled, and so were their parents.

The party turned out to be one of the best get-togethers of 2017! We can’t imagine a sweeter end of the year. Now that we’ve pulled that off successfully we know we’re ready for all the crazy challenges 2018 will bring.